Preferred provides one point of contact for the entire scope of your Build-To-Suit project.

The B-T-S process involves many interrelated activities including: site identification, design, schedule, debt placement, and construction. PREFERRED is built to address each phase and ensure timely informed decision-making throughout the process.

Benefits Of A Build-To-Suit Facility

  • Preservation of capital

    A build-to-suit facility allows a business to preserve and re-invest its capital in its business operations (the highest and best use), rather than in real estate.

  • Modern Facility

    B-T-S ensures cutting edge technology goes into each new facility providing the most effective systems that lower operating costs.

  • Tax deductions

    100% of rent payments on leased property are tax deductible, while only the interest portion of mortgage payments is deductible when a business owns its facility.

  • Flexibility

    A tenant's commitment to leased property is limited to the term of the lease. This lease term commitment offers more flexibility to address future business needs.

  • Administrative relief

    Leasing shifts the burden of managing and operating real estate to the property owner and allows business personnel to focus on core business operations.

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PREFERRED provides a turn-key solution for corporate real estate needs from planning, design, feasibility, and construction.  Achieve greater efficiencies with a strategic approach from PREFERRED.

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